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Welcome Viewers & Victims, to a blog you won’t soon forget!


Here, we discuss the type of villains the world of animation has presented to us, who the big baddies are and a few lesser known fiends who deserve to be feared, and of course, how they’ve conquered our media and our hearts.

So sit back, relax, and let’s start dissecting the dastardly devils that lurk in the night…

Latest from the Blog

WR#6: Boxman and Professor Venomous: Healthy Villain Relationships

Now while there’s plenty of interest in villain antics; the likelihood of success, their newest inventions, or their biggest battles, there’s also an INCREDIBLY large interest in their love lives. Literally, the main antagonists are far more likely to be in fan fictions with either OCs (original characters), their enemies, or even the writers themselves.…

WR#5 Black Hat: The Appeal of Horror Cartoons

Cartoons are known for covering a variety of genres to appeal to a large variety of audiences. Whether that’s fantasy, comedy, supernatural, or realistic fiction, it’s pretty easy to name a few shows for every category. Well, almost every category. When it comes to western animation, there’s a criminally low amount of cartoons in the…

WR#4 Bill Cipher – As Good as They Say?

Now our next villain in the Wretched Report has qualities very similar to that of Joker, with an appeal to hilarity and eccentricity, but also the Beast, with an air of horror and mystery to him. The character in question is Bill Cipher, the main antagonist of Gravity Falls. As a Disney cartoon, Gravity Falls…

Horrible Hints: You’re currently in the Main Lair, where everything is kept, including the bodies of bloggers past! Looking to learn a little more about the cartoon villains that battle the forces of good? Read the Wretched Reports that each deal with a specific villain, from hard hitters like Joker to incorrigible laughingstocks like Doofenshmirtz. And stay tuned for unsettling updates by me! Your horrid host, Kat!

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